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Micro Laser Peel (Sciton)

At Me by Michelle we offer various skin rejuvenation options to help our patients get glowing, youthful skin once again. One of the most popular skin treatments we offer is the Micro Laser Peel. This uses a device from Sciton, one of the worlds leading providers for skincare devices. Michelle will examine your skin to see how the Micro Laser Peel can help you.

What is a Micro Laser Peel?

The MicroLaser Peel helps to remove a thin layer of skin that is damaged. This helps to improve the tone and texture of the skin while helping you to look more youthful. This device allows the administrator to know exactly the depth that the device is reaching. This allows them to precisely treat the skin.

How is a Micro Laser Peel Done?

Before the session begins, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned. Then you will put on protective eyewear. During the treatment session, the Micro Laser Peel’s beam is scanned over the area. This helps to remove a very thin layer of the epidermis. By removing this top layer, the damaged skin cells are also removed. Then the skin will start to heal, and new skin cells will grow on the treatment area. This results in healthier, younger-looking skin. This procedure generally only takes between 15-30 minutes.

What Can it Treat?

There are various conditions that can be treated with the Micro Laser Peel, these are:

  • Scars
  • Keratosis
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigment Irregularities
  • Mild Wrinkles

Treatment Plan

When you come into Me by Michelle for your consultation, she will examine your skin to make sure that this treatment can be beneficial for you. You may need multiple treatment sessions to get the ideal results. Michelle will go over this with you during your MicroLaser Peel consultation. She will go over the aftercare details with you as well. Some patients may experience redness and some swelling, but your skin will peel over the course of a couple of days. Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work after three days.

MicroLaser Peel in Arizona

If you have been looking for a skin rejuvenation option that is quick, easy, and effective then the Micro Laser Peel at Me by Michelle could be the solution for you. We treat patients from in and around the Scottsdale, Arizona area. To make an appointment call us today.

Thank you so much Michelle,

Michelle is amazing! I’m young, 25 y/o and I was worried I wouldn’t notice a difference since I’m just trying to “prevent” wrinkles more than anything but I’m so amazed that I actually do notice a large difference. I will be back for sure 🙂 11/10 recommend Michelle.

- Hailee B.

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