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3D Tattoo Areola Restoration

Michelle has been working with breast reconstruction patients for the past 20 years performing 3D areola micropigmentation. When it comes to breast reconstruction, nipple and areola enhancement are typically the final step. This treatment is a form of micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing. Her artistic background has enabled her to create a realistic areola using a variety of colors and shading techniques.

The nipple/areola is a defining characteristic of the breast and a natural focal point for the eye. Without this detail, often the patient focuses  on the scars. To have a natural breast look, Michelle can tattoo nipples and areolas. Recreating a more natural appearance after breast reconstruction, requires experience with the skin and an artistic eye for color and detail.  To help these patients recover a sense of normalcy, reconstructive surgeons are turning to artists, like Michelle, who specialize in the recreation of the areola. The 3D nipple tattoos, uses shadows and highlights to create texture, restoring a sense of depth and detail to the reconstructed breast. Many plastic surgeons offices provide a nurse or esthetician to tattoo after reconstruction.

If you are looking for 3D Areola Restoration, then talk to Michelle. She understands how important this step is for breast reconstruction patients and works diligently to give you the best results. Call Me by Michelle today to set up a consultation.


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