Dermal Repair Cream by Senté®

Michelle offers patients the most effective skincare products to help them address any skin concerns they may be facing. At Me by Michelle, we offer the Dermal Repair Cream by Senté® Labs to our patients dealing with mature or photodamaged skin. This anti-aging cream can be applied morning and night (or as directed by Michelle) to repair your skin. Come into Me by Michelle today to learn more about this amazing product and try it for yourself. You can order online too! Just click the link or visit the Senté store. 

What is Senté Labs?

Senté perfectly blends beauty and science together. This company was founded by biotech scientists and entrepreneurs to bring new challenges and a higher status quo to the skincare industry. Senté Labs is trusted by patients and physicians alike for their innovative products that bring amazing results. Their products have been clinically proven effective.

The Dermal Repair Cream

This product is “Light Years Ahead in Turning Back Time.” The main ingredient in the dermal repair cream is heparan sulfate analog, this is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body. It plays a sky role in retaining and attracting water, preserving collagen and elastic fibers, and activating collagen production. Research shows that about 93% of patients noticed diminished fine lines and wrinkles at week 4 of using this product. This product can improve skin texture and firmness, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin tone. 

Senté Labs Products in Arizona

If you are looking for a solution for your aging concerns, then talk to Michelle about the dermal repair cream from Senté. We offer a range of effective, quality skincare products in Scottsdale, Arizona. To make an appointment, call today.

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