Say Goodbye To Your Shaving Supplies

August 4, 2019

While the thought of waxing areas of your body might sound unpleasant, there are quite a few benefits associated with this process of removing hair. Once you’re able to see how smooth your skin can be, you likely won’t go back to using a razor and shaving supplies in the near future. Keep in mind that you need to test your skin before waxing to ensure that the product won’t result in irritation. Michelle at Me by Michelle is a licensed aesthetician specializing in many services, including waxing. Waxing is a great way to get rid of hair and decrease the amount of time spent on upkeep.

Decreased Growth

When you wax your hair, it’s pulled from the root instead of just taking the top layer of hair off as you would do when you shave. This means that you won’t need to worry about removing hair as often. You might notice a slight bit of stubble after about four weeks. Additionally, since you’re not using as many supplies when you wax and since you’re not waxing as often, you’re going to save time and money.

Fine Details

Your hair will usually come back finer than it was before you started waxing. The follicles begin to get weaker after a few sessions because the hair is removed from the roots. The texture and amount of hair that grows back will often depend on overall genetics and the area of your body that is waxed as well.

Removing Dead Skin

Waxing is beneficial because it exfoliates your skin over time. The wax and the strips remove the dead skin cells as the hair follicle is pulled. You’ll begin to notice softer skin that is a bit more youthful in appearance. However, this shouldn’t be a substitute for proper exfoliation. Avoid shaving and exfoliating on the same day as your waxing session as this could result in irritation. It could also result in the pores of your skin getting clogged.

Inflamed Skin

When you shave every other day, it can often lead to redness and inflammation because you continue to use gels, creams, and a razor over the same areas multiple times a week. Waxing involves less friction when the hair is removed, which leads to a decreased chance of inflammation seen on your skin.

Stubborn Stubble

After shaving, you’ll usually begin to itch in the areas where you shaved. You could also notice stubble that might not need to be shaved right away but that feels irritating. After waxing, your skin won’t have this prickly feeling for a few weeks. Your hair also tends to be softer when it does begin to grow back after waxing. Another benefit is that you won’t subject yourself to nicks and cuts that you would get when you use a razor.


There are a few different types of wax to choose from depending on your skin type and the area that is being waxed. Strips are often used for areas of your face and sensitive surfaces while soft waxes are often used on larger areas of your body. There are different sizes of strips that can be used as well depending on how much hair you want to remove at once.

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